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Ian Drake

My name is Ian Drake and I am a Computer Science Senior at Georgia College and State University. I am originally from Lawrence, Kansas, but I have lived in Georiga for the majority of my life. I went to school in Athens, Georgia until I graduated in the year 2019. I then made my decision to go to Georgia College where I planned to study mathematics. This lasted until I realized how much more I enjoyed computer science. I will be graduating in May of 2023.

Favorite Projects

The following table provides details on the classes and favorite projects of mine associated with them.

Class Favorite Project Description Techniques
Artificial Intelligence Stock Prediction Algorithm Using a Modified LSTM Neural Network the program was able to accurately predict the behavoir of the stock market 52% of the time. Neural Network
Data Analysis LiChess Game Analysis Using a variety of data analysis methods our team was able to analyze several million chess games to determine distinct patterns in different stages of the game. Machine Learning Techniques
Machine learning & Data Mining Predictive Analysis for Heart Disease Using different clustering and association methods our team was able to establish trends in patient behavoir that would reliably lead to different severity levels of heart disease in the future.
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